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The Science Behind bksb

At bksb, we believe technology is vital in developing English and maths skills which is why we’re always pushing the boundaries of EdTech to ensure that our products are as effective as possible.

Utilising decades of data and industry leading expertise, the bksb system has been intelligently designed to assess, measure and promote learning.

Artificial Intelligence and Item Response Theory

We’ve integrated artificial intelligence and Item Response Theory (IRT) into our assessment system. This allows our software to intelligently assess the difficulty of a question as well as a learner’s improvement.

To understand how this effects learners, we’ve created two articles which break down the impact on assessments and measuring improvement:

Revolution in Assessment

Find out about the motivation behind the new bksb Initial and Diagnostic Assessments, and how they are helping to deliver a fair and accurate analysis.

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Measuring and Promoting Improvement

Find out how bksb tracks learning improvement using complex algorithms, whilst providing tutors with more useful data to assess a learner’s progress.

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