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About Quick Check Assessments

The bksb Quick Check Assessments cover dyslexia and dyscalculia. These help to identify learners who might benefit from a more comprehensive assessment administered by specialists.


The self-assessment covers a series of ‘yes/no’ based questions, while the screener is a more detailed assessment.


The results page of the screener includes information such as the time taken to complete each question; the topic and type of question; the learner’s score; and the maximum score available. The results of the Screener and the Self-Assessment can be interpreted using our Quick Checks User Guide to indicate if a learner may have issues relating to dyslexia, or general literacy problems.

The Quick Check Assessments differentiate between learners who have learning issues which might relate to dyslexia or general literacy problems and those who don’t appear to have general learning problems.


A Dyscalculia Indicator has been added to our Quick Check Assessments. The Indicator comprises 20 self-assessment questions and the results will indicate if a student has:

  • little to no indicators of dyscalculia;
  • moderate indicators of dyscalculia;
  • or high indicators of dyscalculia.

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