GCSE Achieve

GCSE Achieve is the ultimate tool for secondary schools and colleges to improve learner support for English and maths. All elements of our solution are designed in line with the new GCSE 9-1 specifications and are designed to help you fulfil Ofsted’s requirements for quality of teaching, and learning and assessment.

GCSE Maths is split into 5 modular courses:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change
  • Geometry and Measure
  • Probability and Statistics
GCSE English is split into 2 modular courses:

  • Reading
  • Writing

We have kept the previous versions and renamed these as GCSE English Legacy and GCSE Maths Legacy for resits.

Each of the modular courses consist of a diagnostic assessment, a corresponding suite of interactive resources and a matching practice exam.

GCSE process diagram


GCSE Screener

The first part of the GCSE solution is the Screener. It is designed for organisations who find it difficult to decide whether to place learners on a Functional Skills or GCSE programme. By determining which programme learners are more suited to, organisations are able to easily place learners on the correct course. The GCSE Screener includes two short – but rigorous – skills assessments (1x English, 1x maths).

The Screener has proven to be an invaluable tool for organisations, saving the time of both students and tutors.


Diagnostic Assessment

The GCSE Diagnostic Assessment is the second part of the GCSE process, and is designed to identify learners’ individual skill gaps. Once the assessment has been taken, the system produces an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) which highlights areas of strength and weakness. This is designed to give teachers and students guidance on which areas they need further support for learning and development.

The tracking and reporting information produced by the Diagnostic Assessment is extremely useful, assisting tutors and managers with lesson planning, learner management, and for Ofsted inspection purposes.

Learning Resources

The third part of the GCSE process is the GCSE Learning Resources. These are made available to the learner once the Diagnostic Assessment has been completed. The Resources enable individuals to fill in their identified gaps in knowledge (skill gaps) by offering information, examples, and demonstration videos in order to teach the various topics. Learners can pause and replay the videos at any time, giving them flexibility and ensuring they have completely understood each topic. The Resources are fully interactive and self-marking, allowing the learner to get an immediate result and move on to the next stage quickly.

Exam Practice

The fourth and final element of the GCSE solution is the Exam Practice. The GCSE Exam Practice is designed to assist each learner with their preparation and revision for GCSE English and maths exams. Exam-style practice questions – accompanied by additional support resources – are presented to the learner to work through at their own pace; these cover both the foundation and higher tiers. Our GCSE Exam Practice now includes End Tests, to confirm competency in previously weak areas.

The Exam Practice is extremely valuable for organisations, bridging the gap between learners developing their skills taking the physical exam.

GCSE Maths Progression Assessment

GCSE Achieve comes with a Maths Progression Assessment, to help measure distance travelled for the vast curriculum. We recommend that learners complete the progression assessment at the start of their GCSE Mathematics course, and then again at the end of a term or on completion of their course. Tutors can then compare the percentage results each time the assessment is taken to show progression, using one of the tailored progression assessment reports.

Tablets and Mobile Devices

The GCSE solution is compatible with tablets and mobile devices; however, we do not recommend that learners carry out the GCSE Screener or Diagnostics on mobile devices as some browsers contain automatic grammar and spelling checkers which cannot be manually disabled.

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Why choose GCSE Achieve?

  • Fully hosted, online platform
  • Compatible with OneFile
  • Compatible with eTrackr
  • Learner-centric approach
  • In-depth tracking and reporting
  • Market leader for GCSE and Functional Skills Solutions
  • 89% of FE Colleges use bksb
  • Outstanding technical support
  • Built on Amazon Web Services
  • Tutor, administrator and manager access at no additional cost
  • Per learner, per annum, annual licence

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