The UK’s leading eLearning solution for Functional Skills

Focus Functional Skills is an online teaching and learning resource designed to improve candidates’ essential skills, knowledge and understanding of literacy and numeracy required to sit their Functional Skills examinations. The eLearning platform is fully compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices and can be accessed remotely for distance learning.

The aim of using our online teaching and learner assessment tool is to support the teaching of transferable skills required in the classroom and the workplace. It also prepares the candidate for their maths and English examinations by offering guided learning support and tailored revision resources.

How our online resource platform works

The platform is divided into five core areas designed to support the student through all key elements of their maths, English or ICT examinations. Our market-leading eLearning products include everything you need for truly outstanding assessment and development.


The five-step process of our learning platform tracks the candidate’s progress, supports Functional Skills standards and satisfies the updated core curriculum for English and maths.

focus functional skills process


Benefits of online Functional Skills learning

Personalised learning programme

  • The Diagnostic Assessment, designed to be taken after the Initial Assessment, provides the learner with a percentage score and an Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

Accurate assessment of a learner’s skill level

  • The Initial Assessment allows you to understand the learner’s current working level and dynamically adjusts the level according to the answers given

Effectively prepares learners for their English and maths examinations

  • The comprehensive eLearning solution is made up of 5 core areas that work together to create a fully integrated platform for online studying.

Monitor learning progress efficiently 

  • In-depth tracking and reporting enables teachers and learning providers to measure progress effectively and cater lessons around strengths and weaknesses of the candidate.

Encourages personal development and self-motivated revision

  • The ability to access useful revision resources on most tablets, PCs and mobile devices encourages learners to develop their vital life skills outside of the classroom.

Why choose bksb?



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Why Choose bksb?

  • Typically, bksb clients’ success rates are 17% higher than the national average.
  • Fully hosted, online platform
  • Compatible with OneFile
  • Compatible with eTrackr
  • Learner-centric approach
  • In-depth tracking and reporting
  • Market leader for GCSE and Functional Skills eLearning Solutions
  • 89% of FE Colleges use bksb
  • Outstanding technical support
  • Built on Amazon Web Services
  • Tutor, administrator and manager access at no additional cost
  • Per learner, per annum, annual licence

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