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GCSE Science

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Struggling to understand physics, chemistry and/or biology? Want to improve your knowledge of core sciences at your own pace? If so, the bksb GCSE Science solution, covering 30 modules from energy (physics) to chemical analysis (chemistry) and photosynthesis (biology) is for you. It’s an effective way to improve your science knowledge and a great tool to help you prepare for your GCSE Science exam.

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90 days online access to the GCSE Science course.

GCSE Physics is split into 8 modules:

Energy, Forces and Motion, Waves in Matter, Light and Electromagnetic Waves, Electricity, Magnetism and Electromagnetism, Particle Model of Matter and Atomic Structure

GCSE Chemistry is split into 11 modules:

Atomic Structure and The Periodic Table, Structure, Bonding and Properties of Matter, Chemical Changes, Energy Changes, Rates of Chemical Change, Quantitative Chemistry, Extraction of Metals, Fractional Distillation, Chemical Analysis, The Earth and Atmospheric Science, Life Cycle Assessments and Recycling

GCSE Biology is split into 11 modules:

Biodiversity, Selective Breeding and Gene technology, Transport, Cell Biology, Cell Metabolism, Ecosystems, Coordination, Control and Homeostasis, Growth and Development, Health and Disease, Inheritance, Variation and Evolution and Photosynthesis