TickIntegrate English & maths learning into the workplace with ease & flexibility

TickSatisfy Funding & Ofsted Requirements with data for achievement & progression

TickAssess candidates’ Functional Skills & match them to appropriate programmes

TickEncourage independent online learning

TickMotivate employees with vocation-specific Learning Resources

TickRaise achievement levels across all your apprenticeship programmes

TickEvidence a contribution to your 20% off-the-job training


How is bksb used for Apprenticeships?

Functional Skills have been a mandatory component of apprenticeships since October 2012, and despite the reshuffling of qualifications, Functional Skills will continue to play a large part of apprenticeships for the foreseeable future.

The bksb solution allows for easy integration of English and maths Functional Skills eLearning into the workplace, and doesn’t impact heavily on the working day.

The bksb Initial Assessment and Diagnostic Assessment can be used to evidence IAG and match the candidate to the appropriate apprenticeship/traineeship framework, inform enrolment to the appropriate English and maths Functional Skills level, and produce an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and SMART target to fill skill gaps. Assessors and employers can then use the bksb Learning Resources to support one-to-one, work-based learning. Independent learning is encouraged with bksb, mirroring the independence of an apprenticeship, thus allowing individuals to work at their own pace through the Learning Resources, Skill Checks, and Revision Scenarios to upskill and check knowledge. Our vocation-specific Learning Resources also help to motivate and engage employees, and highlight the relevance of good English and maths skills in the workplace.

How can bksb help your organisation?

Just as investing in equipment is important to the development and success of a company, investing in employees – and looking at them as part of your business – is vital to a business’s success. bksb improves the support given to apprentices, employees, and employers, and our fully-hosted online platform, bksbLIVE 2, allows for access anywhere, and at any time, with the bksb process covering every angle for every learner. This support is so comprehensive that typically our clients’ success rates for Functional Skills are 18% higher than the national average.

The importance of good English and maths skills has never been more apparent. It is no longer regarded as simply ‘good practice’ to offer training opportunities, with employers under more pressure than ever to provide access to learning for CPD for their staff. And apprentices are no exception; Ofsted are looking more closely at the opportunities provided for apprentices to improve their English and maths skills. bksb helps employers satisfy inspectors by allowing both the learner and the employer to track and monitor their progress, as well provide data for evidencing achievement.

Selecting the right candidates for roles is crucial for every organisation. The bksb Initial Assessment has been used by organisations to assess a candidates’ English and maths levels prior to interview. Most organisations require their staff to be working at least level 2, so by using the bksb solution, they are able to ensure that if employees need to upskill, they have the resources to do so.