First 9-1 Specification Maths Exam includes ‘Ridiculously Hard’ Questions

01 June 2017



Following the reform of GCSE Maths and English qualifications, and the introduction of numerical grades, students have now taken the first batch of new, tougher maths exams.

The TES reports that teachers thought some of the questions were ‘ridiculously tough’ and that the higher tier paper contained around 50% A*-A standard questions, compared to the 25% ratio seen in the old qualifications. Students and tutors alike felt that the Foundation paper was very challenging, which would seemingly reflect the Government’s reform aims.

There are concerns that the move towards tougher GCSE exams could result in a fall in A-Level Maths applications, and two polls from the Mathematical Association suggest that fewer students are choosing to pursue maths after they finish secondary school.

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