‘Create a Coordinated ESOL Strategy’ say Education Leaders

10 February 2017


High profile members of Holex and the National Association of Teaching English and Community Languages (NATECLA) have called on the government to deliver a coordinated strategy for ESOL.

The suggestion comes after large falls in ESOL funding over the last few years, and the continued shared-responsibility for the subject between the Department for Education and the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Jenny Roden (Co-Chair, NATECLA) and Sue Pember (Director, Holex) claim that the situation is failing thousands upon thousands of learners who wish to gain an English qualification.

Ms Roden explained that the reduction in funding for ESOL has left a lot of providers ‘struggling to provide a basic service’, whilst Dr Pember stated that an English language policy is needed in order to meet the government’s aims for integration.

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