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Customer Update (last updated 15/10/19):

The full versions of the new Initial Assessments, Diagnostic Assessments and Learning Resources are now available for all learners. Your organisation will have access to any of these products for which you have a current licence. These have been developed to meet the new standards for the Functional Skills Reforms.

  • Tutors will have to add the new courses in the usual way (see more details on the video below), and can then assign the new courses to students.

  • You will, of course, still have access to the existing assessments and resources, which are labelled as ‘Legacy’. The new courses are labelled ‘Reforms’.

  • The databridge has been updated. Simply open your databridge application, and it will automatically detect an update.

IMPORTANT: Please view these short guidance videos prior to accessing the new products, and share the page with colleagues who will be using the new bksb products. Also keep an eye on this page for updates and further guidance videos which will be added regularly.

For technical support, please go to, or contact our team on 01623 413333.

We would be delighted to receive any feedback you have on the new system. Please use this link or click ‘Feedback’ in the sidebar to submit bug reports or suggested improvements.

Guidance Videos

Assigning New Courses – How to add the new English and Maths reform courses to your bksbLIVE 2 account

Starting the Assessment Process – How to access the new initial and diagnostic assessment on bksbLIVE 2

User View: How to view the achievements and progress of learners completing the reform courses on bksbLIVE 2

Taking the Assessments – STAFF AND LEARNER VIDEO

How to Interpret the Initial Assessment Results – STAFF VIDEO

Using the Learning Resources – STAFF VIDEO

Using the Learning Resources – LEARNER VIDEO

Viewing Achievements – STAFF VIDEO

How to interpret the Diagnostic Assessment results – STAFF VIDEO

How to use the Progress Checks (reforms) – LEARNER VIDEO

Accessibility Features – STAFF AND LEARNER VIDEO

How to run an IA Summary Report – STAFF VIDEO

Viewing and interpreting the Learning Plan – STAFF VIDEO