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Project Description

University of Lincoln uses bksb to help food industry apprentices advance their careers.

Sharon Green, deputy head of apprenticeships and business partnerships, spoke to us about the use and impact of bksb products at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing.


Tell us a little bit about the University of Lincoln and The National Centre for Food Manufacturing.

The National Centre for Food Manufacturing is a satellite campus of the University of Lincoln, situated in Holbeach in South Lincolnshire.  We are dedicated to helping food industry employees advance their careers.

We understand the demands of studying while working in this fast-moving, dynamic industry while balancing family commitments. Our part-time apprenticeships and distance-learning provision enables flexible study for those working across a range of areas.

We aim to provide the best experience for apprentices through flexible delivery and innovative teaching and learning, and have worked with employers and the Trailblazer Groups to be able to offer a comprehensive range of new standards including the sector’s first Higher Level and Degree Apprenticeships.

You can find out more about us on our website here.


How do you use bksb with your learners?

We use bksb to support Functional Skills in English and maths. This enables apprentices to advance their skills and attain the Functional Skills required by the relevant apprenticeship standard. Our blend of further and higher education for the food industry provides employers with access to apprenticeships from Levels 2 to 7 and a ‘one-stop shop’ through which they can meet the skills development needs of their employees.


Why is it important to assess learners English and maths skills?

As a specialist provider of apprenticeships from level 2 through to level 7, we provide English and maths functional skills to a wide range of non-traditional learners who may not otherwise have been given an opportunity to progress through into higher education. Widening participation is so important in addressing the skills gaps we face within the industry.


Why did you decide to use bksb’s eLearning products as appose to other services?

We have been using bksb for many years now and as our provision has developed and evolved we have found that bksb still provides the best products for our learners. Our learners have a varied skill set and experience. Some have little or no education while others use bksb as higher or degree apprenticeships. We find that bksbLIVE 2 is an effective tool for us.


What impact has it had on your learners?

Some of our learners have English as their second language, we adopt a mix of blended learning to support their progression within apprenticeship programmes. We provide tutor led presentations and workshops, combined with personal study through bksbLIVE 2 to provide flexible learning to suit a range of abilities. The learners benefit from a vocationally relevant approach leading to high success rates across programmes.


How has this helped the University of Lincoln? 

Our qualification achievement rates for 2018/19 have shown outstanding success rates growing over 9% since the previous year. Using bksb products to support students with their English and maths skills has contributed to this.


Would you recommend bksb to other providers?

Yes definitely.

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