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Project Description

Name: Karen Hudson

Role: My role as Literacy and Numeracy Tutor is to develop students’ academic skills on the Nursing Programmes at the University. In particular, my work focuses on academic writing and clinical numeracy skills.

“…a tailored approach to academic skills development that maximises each student’s chance of achieving academic success.”

How do you use bksb with your learners?

A range of education, healthcare and skills sector reports have recently highlighted ongoing concerns about poor levels of literacy and numeracy; this has also been our experience within the degree programmes at the University of Essex. I began using bksb in the academic year 2013/14, in order to conduct a robust initial and diagnostic assessment of student skills in English and Maths on entry to the programme. This allowed me to develop an approach to teaching academic writing and clinical numeracy skills that was tailored to each cohort’s particular skills profile. The assessments also allowed me to identify students who may be at higher risk of academic failure, so that prompt and effective skills development could be implemented.

What impact has it had on your learners?

This has been very positive. A longer term impact analysis case study is ongoing, due to the length of time between students taking the I&D assessments, and completing their degrees.

Would you recommend bksb to other providers?

Yes. Conducting initial and diagnostic assessments in English and Maths allows me to establish a robust skills profile of each cohort of nursing students. From this, I can develop a tailored approach to academic skills development that maximises each students’ chances of achieving academic success at their full potential.