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Colonel Frank Seely Academy 2018-09-17T14:10:45+00:00

Project Description

Name: Alex Dixon

“bksb is an outstanding product. The content is up to date, relevant and our students enjoy using it to learn!”

How do you use bksb with your learners?

We use bksb to reach students who for various reasons, are not accessing full time education. This can be due to anxiety or other behaviour related reasons. We also utilise bksb within school, for pupils who do not access all of their lessons. These pupils work in various areas in school and use bksb to ensure that they continue to learn and progress in their core subjects.

What impact has it had on your learners?

bksb has allowed us as a school to reach all of our pupils, even if they are not in school. It has allowed us to successfully transition pupils back into school after a period of time away due to anxiety and health needs. It gives pupils confidence, as well as staff, knowing that they are accessing education and allows pupils when they come back to know where they require further work and how staff can best help them.

Would you recommend bksb to other providers?

Yes, absolutely. It is something that I have raised at our academy trust student support meetings. bksb is an outstanding product – the content is up to date, relevant and our students enjoy using it to learn! It has given our students confidence and enabled us to help transition some of the hardest to reach pupils, including anxiety related non-attendance (ARNA), back into full time education.