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Coleg Cymunedol Y Derwen 2018-07-12T14:40:19+00:00

Project Description

 Name: Kelly Meek

Role: I’m a Numeracy and Literacy Support Worker. I teach pupils Maths and English through Intervention sessions.

“bksb has everything you need…(it) gives the pupils a great boost of confidence and they are eager to continue achieving.”

How do you use bksb with your learners?

I use bksb as a baseline assessment to decide which pupils fall into the category for intervention. I then use the diagnostic results to plan my intervention based on the areas that the pupils need to work on. I use the bksb resources alongside my own resources as they are very useful. At the end of each school year/intervention sessions, I then retest the pupils to see what improvement (if any) has been made. The relevant departments are then given the results so they can see the progression of their pupils. I also encourage the older pupils to use the GCSE testing to support them through their GCSE years and use the GCSE diagnostics with my pupils.

What impact has it had on your learners?

The pupils are always happy to see the improvements they have made no matter how big or small. This gives the pupils a great boost of confidence and they are eager to continue achieving. The pupils like the fact that they can see for themselves the skills that they have gained.

Would you recommend bksb to other providers?

Yes. bksb has everything you need: initial and diagnostic assessments, teaching resources and skill checks, all in one place, on a very easy to use and effective site.