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Chesterfield College uses bksb: “This tool proved invaluable during the COVID lockdowns”

Sally Drury, maths co-ordinator at Chesterfield College, spoke to us about how bksb is used at the college.

You can find out more about Chesterfield College on their website here.

Sally Drury, Maths Coordinator at Chesterfield College

Tell us a little bit about Chesterfield College.

Chesterfield College is located near to the town centre of Chesterfield and attracts students from across South Yorkshire and Derbyshire. The college is very much at the heart of the community it serves and provides a range of courses that aim to offer a route into education and training for everyone, whatever level they are working at. The college works closely with local employers and researches labour marketing information and industry projections to ensure that the curriculum offer reflects the needs of the area.

In total, the Chesterfield College Group has over 7,400 students and apprentices enrolled on a classroom course or work-based training. Our pass rates are 1% above the national average for 16-18 year olds and 3.1% above the national average for Maths & English. Our apprenticeship achievement rates are 19.7% above the national benchmark for Learning Unlimited Derby students. 99% of all classroom-based students and 97% of all work-based students, progress to a positive destination when they leave us (paid employment or further study).


How do you use bksb with your learners?

We have used bksb for a number of years based on the fact that we have a large number of students on a variety of courses including 16-18 full time study programmes, apprenticeships, 19+ adult provision and ESOL learners. We use bksb for initial assessments and diagnostics for all our maths and English courses.  It is essential that our students make the right choice for the right course and these tools support this.


Why is it important to assess learners Maths and English skills?

We offer two main maths and English qualifications at Chesterfield College – Functional Skills (entry level 1 to level 2) and GCSE (foundation and higher).  It is essential for us to ensure our students are on the most appropriate course based on previous attainments and current working levels.  bksb helps us to determine the levels are students are working at before we place them on the best course to suit their needs and ability.


Why did you decide to use bksb’s eLearning products as appose to other services?

We felt that bksb offered a comprehensive initial assessment tool which suited our whole college offering. The diagnostic tool helps significantly as it allows us to identify knowledge gaps for individual students to work on, either in class or independently with the bksb resources. This tool proved invaluable during the COVID lockdowns as it also helped us to assign work to students remotely.


What impact has it had on your learners?

Learners are more able to confidently identify knowledge gaps and work on these independently and with tutor support. Form the initial assessment, learners can see their current level of working to ensure they are being supported on the correct course.


Would you recommend bksb to other providers and why?

I would recommend bksb as a well-established and experienced provider of initial assessment and diagnostic with a good network of customer care.

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