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Project Description

Name: Matthew Brannan

Role: Employment and Skills Manager

“Set up and additional resources the company provides have been seamless and customer sensitive.”

How do you use bksb with your learners?

We use the Literacy and Numeracy diagnostics assessments to help find a client’s current ability to comprehend or show their level of English language. The use of the assessment online also allows us to have a basic assessment of the clients IT understanding and use which can then help to assess the support they may require for some of the contracted courses we are delivering.

What impact has it had on your learners?

By offering the assessments as a practical hands on via the computer program or by a printed copy allows staff to sit and support a client through the processes explaining that these are not to judge abilities and who they are but to add extra understanding to the support they may require to move forward in their career path.

Would you recommend bksb to other providers?

Yes. Set up and on-going program have been seamless and customer sensitive. Calls are answered swiftly, advice is available and a positive response is received to questions.