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Ofsted Misses FE Inspection Target by More Than 10%

Ofsted posted its annual report and accounts for 2018/19 last week. The watchdog missed its FE inspection target by 10% as only 287 out of 323 inspections were carried out.

In response to the FE inspection target, the new accounts state that providers:

“opening, merging or closing subsequently can change the number [of inspections] delivered and internal targets are not adjusted for these changes.”

When asked to explain this further, a spokesperson for Ofsted said:

“Targets are not set for demand-led activity and we reprioritised resources away from low-risk inspections to complete more demand-led monitoring visits to new apprenticeship providers.”

Some organisations have speculated that Ofsted’s falling budget may be the cause for missing its inspection target. Since 2010/11, the watchdog’s funding has fallen from £185 million to £125 million, a decline of 32%.


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