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Funding planned for the delivery of T levels

A consultation on T level funding was launched and is concerned with how the funding will be distributed to providers from the 2020/21 academic year. The consultation focuses on the funding per student for providers to deliver T levels only and does not cover other aspects of funding such as specific funding for the development of the Technical Qualifications.

In 2017 the government announced that additional funding would be provided for delivery of programmes that will provide over 900 hours of education and training per year including an extended industry placement. There is sufficient funding to provide these additional planned taught hours, as well as organise the substantial industry placements.

Additional planned taught hours will be paid at the same basic rate per hour as for current 16-19 study programmes. The funding to organise industry placements will be at a rate of £550 per placement over the 2 years of a T level.

18 year olds will be funded the same rate as for 16 and 17 year olds. However, because the hours required from The Technical Qualification will be fixed, 18 year olds will need the same amount of funded time to achieve threshold competence as other students. This is in contrast to other study programmes for 18 year olds which can be adjusted to fit within lower number of funded hours for that age group.

The minimum planned hours required over the 2 years for each funding band to meet the average planned hours is shown in the first row in the table above. The annual rates shown in the third row will be used to allocate funding, but information will be collected from providers about planned hours, meaning that providers will be able to design T level study programmes flexibly in regards to how many of the required planned hours they include in each year.

Students who do not hold a GCSE grade 4 (or above) or a level 2 Functional Skills qualification in maths or English by the start of their T level course will need to continue studying these subjects as part of their T level programme in order to meet minimum exit requirements.

A proposal of a one-off payment during the first year of T level programmes of £750 per subject per student will be needed to cover the maths and English needs over the 2 years. Where the student has not reached level 2 by the end of their first year and needs to continue study in the next year no further additional funding will be allocated.

Half of the industry placement funding will be paid by the DfE in the first year and half again in the second year (around £275 a year).

Overall, the new technical qualifications will be backed by £500 million of investment every year when they rolled out.

For more information please click here to read about the Governments funding in full.

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