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Decisions on Functional Skills Reform

The Functional Skills Qualifications in English and mathematics are being reformed and will be introduced for September 2019.

The Department for Education have previously consulted on and confirmed their overall approach to regulating new Functional Skills Qualifications in English and mathematics, and have set out their final decisions on those rules and guidance.

In response to consultation feedback there will be increased weighting of spelling, punctuation and grammar in English to 40-45% at levels 1 and 2, and 50-70% at entry levels. A revised approach to monitoring speaking, listening and communicating assessments will be put in place to focus on the assurance awarding organisations must obtain, without prescribing a particular approach to assurance.

The proposed Conditions and guidance has been amended in a number of places to deal with concerns raised by respondents such as:

  • minor changes to the assessment criteria for speaking, listening and communicating
  • a revised proposal on the rules issuing the results and certificates to make expectations clearer
  • revised rules on standard setting to make them simpler and clearer, and to reflect the different information available to awarding organisations at the different qualification levels.

To read more in-depth about the decisions made in regards to Functional Skills English and maths click here.

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