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RoATP Accepting Applications for a Third Time

The register of apprenticeship training providers RoATP opened for a third time on Monday 25th September and will close on Friday 27th October. It is open to all organisations, including those that have not been previously successful.

The register lists the organisations that are approved to deliver apprenticeship training to employers using apprenticeship services.

The first time the register opened, many established providers failed to make it on, whilst a large number of new providers were successful. However, many of those who failed the first time around were able to make it onto the second register.

Organisations that are listed on the RoATP go through the application process with the SFA that considers their capability, quality and financial health in order to assess their ability to deliver high-quality apprenticeship training.

bksb is the leading eLearning solution in the UK for Functional Skills and supports organisations named on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers. bksb can help you to:

  • Assess candidates’ Functional Skills and match them to appropriate programmes
  • Integrate English, maths and ICT learning into the apprenticeship framework
  • Satisfy funding and Ofsted requirements with data to show achievement and progression
  • Encourage independent online learning accessible via any device
  • Raise achievement levels across all your apprenticeship programmes
  • Evidence a contribution to your 20% off-the-job training
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