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New Optional Feature: Log in with Facebook

We’ve now added the functionality for your users to login to their bksb account using Facebook. This is an optional setting which is disabled by default. To enable this option, you’ll need to head to General Settings under the Admin Settings menu and then select ‘Yes’ to ‘Enable Social media linking’. The linking of Facebook works in 2 ways:

Email Matched

When selecting ‘Login with Facebook’ on the login page, we’ll retrieve the user’s Facebook primary email address. If this email address matches any account with the same email address for your organisation, then we’ll either:

  • log the user into bksb
  • give the user the option of choosing which account to login to if their email address belongs to multiple bksb accounts


Manually Linked to Facebook

When you’ve logged in via the usual username and password route, you’ll see a Facebook ‘Connect’ button on the left panel under your profile picture. Selecting this button will:

  • store your unique Facebook ID number in our database alongside your bksb unique user ID, therefore allowing your Facebook login to be associated with this bksb account.
  • if you select ‘Yes’ to ‘Synchronise Facebook details’, import your Facebook profile photo as your bksb profile photo and if your bksb stored email address is blank, it will be set to your primary Facebook email address.
This option will not show the social media buttons by default to comply with organisations’ individual social media policies.
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