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GCSE English End Tests

We are pleased to announce that GCSE English End Tests will be live from Friday (19/08/2016).

For anyone who has used bksb’s Skill Checks for Functional Skills, the GCSE End Tests (ETs) will look and feel very familiar. Designed to assess a student’s understanding of the information within the associated Interactive Resource, ETs exist for all eight GCSE modules.

Within each ET, students are asked a series of subject-specific questions, the scores for which are then provided on a topic-by-topic basis. For example, the results page for the Punctuation module will show not only an overall percentage, but also separate scores for each component, e.g. full stops, commas, apostrophes, etc. This improvement in the marking breakdown thus enables tutors and learners to pinpoint the latter’s areas of strength and weakness more precisely than ever before.

Find out more about GCSE Achieve here.

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