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Updates to the Apprenticeship Levy and Funding

The government’s apprenticeship reform programme aims to deliver more and better quality apprenticeships. This will boost the skills of the workforce and help to improve economic productivity whilst also meaning more young adults have the chance to pursue a successful career.

These reforms include changing the way apprenticeships in England are paid for, underpinned by a new apprenticeship levy, to be paid by larger employers from April 2017. The levy will lead to greater levels of investment in training and employers will be given more influence over how apprenticeships are designed and paid for.

The long awaited details of how the apprenticeship levy will be applied have now been published.

Read our Apprenticeship Levy Fact Sheet.


Useful government documents

Apprenticeship Levy

Guidance on the Apprenticeship levy: how it will work


  • Paying the apprenticeship levy
  • Accessing money paid under the apprenticeship levy
  • Buying apprenticeship training
  • What you can spend apprenticeship funding on
  • Eligibility for training


Apprenticeship Funding

Proposals for apprenticeship funding in England from May 2017


How to revolutionise your apprenticeship recruitment process

We have created a solution to ensure you don’t get caught up in copious amounts of paperwork during the government’s apprenticeship reform. AIMS is an online apprenticeship recruitment solution for managing all your vacancies, applicants and data.

Visit the AIMS product page to find out the benefits of using AIMS and to view a comprehensive product video.

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