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Academies Show 2016: Nicky Morgan’s Speech

We had a great time at the Academies Show 2016 in London. Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, spoke about her vision of all schools becoming academies. We have outlined some of the key points from her speech:

Why academies?

  • Academy status doesn’t automatically raise standards but it puts the power in your hands to achieve higher standards
  • Academy status can free your school from diktats of local and national government
  • It is will be easier to recruit, train, develop and deploy better leaders in your schools and trusts
  • She imagines many schools will choose to work in local clusters, supporting each other to succeed
  • Right now 66% of secondary schools and 19% of primary schools are already academies

New role for local authorities 

  • By 2022 all schools will become academies
  • Trajectory shows that three-quarters of secondary and a third of primary schools would have converted to academy status by 2020 anyway
  • ‘Good’ schools will need to become academies too
  • Schools have 6 years to plan their transition
  • Local Authorities will continue to offer services which schools can pick and choose to purchase; they will continue to provide services for children with special educational needs; and they will continue to have a duty to provide school places for all children.


  • She takes on board that critics point out that some academies fail
  • They can respond quickly when academies do under-perform
  • They have issued 154 formal notices to under-performing academies and free schools
  • Schools cannot continue to fail or coast
  • Every child deserves a good education, regardless of their background
  • “Everywhere” in educational excellence everywhere is non-negotiable

Read the ‘Educational excellence everywhere’ white paper here.

Our White Paper 

  • The plan is to put more power into the hands of the best leaders
  • They are going to incentivise work in challenging areas by offering inspection holidays
  • Accountability will focus on progress rather than attainment
  • Better access to excellent teachers
  • They will create a national teaching service so they can recruit and retain the best teachers where they are needed most


Let me urge you to seize the opportunities in the new era of education outlined by our white paper. Let me encourage you to use your incredible expertise to ‘inspire success and excellence’ in every part of the system. Let me say as your Secretary of State, how honoured I feel to see you telling the story of your own success.

You can read Nicky Morgan’s full speech here.

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