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Pupil Premium: All Targets and No Support?

A survey from NASUWT: The Teachers’ Union, which had over 2,600 responses, found teachers are being held to account for the outcomes of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium, but in many cases the additional funding has not found its way into the classroom.

  • Nearly two thirds (65%) say they are required to track, monitor and report on the progress of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium
  • Almost nine out of ten (87%) teachers have not received specific training on teaching and learning strategies for pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium
  • Over two thirds of teachers (70%) stated that the whole school Pupil Premium strategies have not been discussed or reviewed with staff
  •  Over half (56%) of teachers are given specific targets for Pupil Premium pupils without specific strategic support plans
  • Well over half (59%) say that the Pupil Premium strategies in the school create extra workload for teachers

Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, claimed that Pupil Premium has the potential to make a real difference to the most disadvantaged pupils but suggested that

There needs to be a clear system of monitoring put in place. Above all there needs to be investment in schools to enable them to provide for all the children and young people in their care.


How can bksb help?

GCSE Achieve is a great tool to drive improvement and close the attainment gap, especially for Pupil Premium learners. By investing just half of the standard funding rate for one Pupil Premium learner into GCSE Achieve, you could see increased success rates across your whole organisation.

As was set out in the White Paper, further action is being taken to improve the effectiveness of pupil premium. From September 2016, maintained schools will be required to publish their pupil premium strategy on their website, in place of the current requirement to publish a pupil premium statement. Once you have begun using GCSE Achieve, it is easy to show direct proof that you are using your Pupil Premium funding to great effect.

Read more about GCSE Achieve here.

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