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White Paper Details Department for Education’s Five Year Plan

According to a white paper released by the Department for Education in March, even closer attention will be paid to English and maths progress across schools and 16-19 providers. The report covers a broad spectrum of aims, detailing Education Secretary Nicky Morgan’s five-year plan for education reform. Below are a couple of key points relating to English and maths and where in the report you can find them.

Beginning in 2017, a new National Reference Test developed by Ofqual will be used to help set GCSE grades and avoid grade inflation. The test will also be used to help track progress and/or regression in English Language and maths performance. (6.18)

New headline performance measures will be introduced across 16-19 education, where providers will be judged on student progress, attainment and retention. Particular attention will be paid to the progress made in English and maths by learners who have not yet achieved C grades at GCSE. (7.7c)

Read the full report

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