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Twice as Many Schools not Reaching Government Benchmarks for GCSE

Twice as many schools in the UK are not reaching benchmarks set by the government for GCSE Grades according to the most recent school league tables. This is thought to be a direct result of reforms including more rigorous exams, banned resits, and a number of qualifications being removed from the data that drives the tables.

330 schools had fewer than 40% of learners attaining five good GCSEs including English and Maths, whilst some of the top public schools, including Eton and Harrow, scored 0% as their provision is centred around the alternative GCSE curriculum, e.g. iGCSE, which isn’t included in tables.

The data shows that 56.6% of pupils across England achieved five good GCSEs, a decline on the 60.6% of pupils that attained this in 2013.

The Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan has insisted that the tables are still useful despite criticism from private and state schools who have branded the league tables as irrelevant and nonsense. She admitted that some schools will have seen changes in their standings but that ultimately it is ‘young people’s achievement that matters more’ and not the institutions standing itself.

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