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Employers to Rate Skills Training and Education

Employers have been given the chance to rate skills training and education by Ofsted, in a move to increase employer engagement within the sector.

‘Employer View’ is effectively a short questionnaire that encourages employers to share their views with other organisations. It gives employers a formal platform to make recommendations and rate their provider partners, in terms of actual provision, communication, tracking progress, and support. All data will be kept confidential.

Ofsted hopes that Employer View will help organisations to choose a provider that is a good fit for them, inform inspectors’ understanding of provision effectiveness and increase the inclusion of employers in the education and training of learners.

The new scheme has been largely welcomed by those working within education, although Stewart Segal (Chief Executive, AELP) has stated that there is already a ‘crowded marketplace’ for information on providers. He also said that Ofsted should use this informal information carefully to support more formal data.

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