At bksb, we’re improving our already superior solution to provide an even better experience for our customers.

Interface, design, performance and analytics have all been upgraded with our brand new eLearning platform bksbLIVE 2, and you’ll find an overview of the new features below. The system will include a task-based ePortfolio, work perfectly across all kinds of devices and operating systems, and the brand new integrated reports will make calculating distance travelled and evidencing progress easier and more effective than ever before. What’s more, this fantastic new upgrade won’t cost bksb licence holders a penny – we’re upgrading customers free of charge!

If you’d like to know about the system in more detail, we’ve prepared a list of FAQs (available for download in pdf format) which should explain the finer details of some of the updates. We’re also offering organisations the chance to trial the platform, so you can see for yourself how bksbLIVE 2 could revolutionise your English, maths and ICT provision. You can request your free online trial of bksbLIVE 2 by emailing

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bksbLIVE2 Login Screens - new eLearning platform for GCSE and Functional Skills

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bksbLIVE2 Interface showing English and maths course icons

Our new and intuitive design makes it obvious what the user needs to do, guiding them through the bksb process to achieve their goals. We’ve used a very clean design that incorporates the brand’s colours and icons to aid navigation and present information in a clear way. The design also lends itself to touchscreen technology, making bksb even more accessible than ever before on tablets and mobile devices.




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title statisticsbksbLIVE2 statistics showing Level 1 English progress.

bksbLIVE 2 will produce even more powerful data for individuals and groups than ever before in order to help your organisation satisfy Ofsted requirements. Online behaviour is evidenced so that you can see which learners are more active than others, and learner progression will be displayed more clearly so that you can track those performing well and those underachieving with ease, and intervene where necessary.

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title mobile site

We’ve further developed our offering for tablets and mobiles by creating a completely responsive version of bksbLIVE. You’ll be able to access our sites on the go, without compromise, regardless of screen size, operating system or device.
bksbLIVE2 mobile interface - our new platform will be completely responsive.
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title video tutorials

We’re introducing brand new interactive content to bksbLIVE 2 and our video tutorials will be at the forefront of this. Our tutorials aim to significantly increase learner engagement and will explain resources to learners in a more interesting way so that they can use them to their full potential, maximising results and the learning experience.

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title Brand New ePortfolio

bksbLIVE 2 has been built with the need for flexibility in mind. Within our new system learners will be able to upload free writing and other pieces of work to a brand new task-based ePortfolio. You’ll then be able to provide feedback with ease, mark tasks as complete or request a retake.

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title personalisation

You can really make bksbLIVE 2 your own with our new personalisation features. To help users know that they’re in the right place, you’ll be able to brand your login page as you like with logos, colours and photos, giving the system a more personal feel.

bksbLIVE2 allows organisations to add their own branding to the divider
title communication

Increase the quality and regularity of communication with learners by making the most of your eLearning platform. With bksbLIVE 2, it is easy to get your message across. You’ll be able to offer instant feedback via our comments feature, send messages to individuals or groups, and view notifications on your user dashboard.

bksbLIVE2 allows communication between tutors and divider