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bksb for Training Providers

  • Satisfy Funding & Ofsted Requirements with data to show achievement and progression

  • Assess candidates’ Functional Skills & match them to appropriate programmes

  • Provide flexible online learning

  • Engage learners with vocation-specific Learning Resources

How is bksb used by Training Providers?

The bksb product range can significantly enhance the provision of Training Providers. Our products support thousands of organisations in the delivery of Functional Skills and GCSEs with assessments and resources, and typically, our clients’ experience success rates that are 17% higher than the national average for Functional Skills.

As Functional Skills is a compulsory element of all apprenticeships, it is important that Training Providers offer rigorous support to learners in this area. It is the norm for learners’ Functional Skills to be assessed at the beginning of their apprenticeship and providers who hold a bksb licence are able to use our Initial Assessment for this. An easy to interpret report is generated by our assessment which gauges the current skills level of each learner.

Many training providers also use our Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS) Solution, to help to identify and develop learners’ employability skills. ESOL solutions are also available to providers who have students from overseas.

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How can bksb help your organisation?

Learners who study with Training Providers tend to be very diverse in terms of age, interests and location. Time scales of programmes may vary significantly, and start dates do not necessarily follow the academic year. All of this means that the delivery of Functional Skills and GCSE programmes has to be extremely flexible. bksbLIVE 2 is an excellent tool for flexible delivery due to its responsive nature – learners and tutors can access our online platform at any time to complete assessments and resources, wherever they are based.

bksb is a fantastic tool for evidencing achievement and progression. Once learners have completed assessments and resources, tutors are able to pull off reports showing distance travelled and learner competency. These reports can be used to prove that organisations have fulfilled requirements for both Ofsted inspections and funding applications.

The vocation specific bksb Learning Resources help to motivate and engage learners who perhaps have a negative perception of Functional Skills. Our products help to show them the relevance of English, maths and ICT skills to their chosen career path.

Need some motivation around the place?

View and download our motivational posters; available to organisations who want to promote the use of bksb amongst learners, employees and apprentices.

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