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bksb and Onefile: Integrated Assessment and ePortfolio

bksb and Onefile’s Nomad ePortfolio are compatible, meaning  tutors, managers, and students can access all relevant information in one place. The integration enables joint customers to display the results of the bksb Initial Assessment, Diagnostic Assessment and Skill Checks directly onto a learner’s ePortfolio, making the results easier to understand.

The Nomad system, developed by Onefile, brings all the information together allowing tutors to easily gather information, add tasks, plan assessments, record feedback, and schedule reviews on a learner’s progress – helping tutors and managers to make decisions using the all the relevant information in on place. This allows learner management decisions to be made quickly, such as calculating a learner’s progress and ensuring they are taking the correct course. Nomad is the leading assessment ePortfolio for apprenticeships, QCF, NVQ, BTEC, and all criteria-based qualifications.

Once the learners have been matched, any results already in the Databridge will automatically be displayed on the learner’s portfolio. Any new assessments will be pulled from the Databridge during an overnight sync, however tutors and managers have the ability to run the sync at any point.

To find out more about the integration, please contact ourselves or OneFile directly.

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bksb and onefile