The Skills Funding Statement 2013-2016: How does it Relate to Functional Skills?

26 February 2014


The Skills Funding Statement is published annually and depicts the funding and budgetary priorities of the government for the FE and skills sector. This instalment relates to the 2014-2015 financial year.

Following the release of the Skills Funding Statement 2013-2016, we have pulled together some of the most important information with regards to Functional Skills.

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Chinese teachers are ‘more effective’ than those in Britain, says the education minister

25 February 2014


The Education Minister, Liz Truss claims that Britain must not make excuses for falling behind countries such as China, but bring their teaching methods into British schools.

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Business, Innovation and Skills Committee Investigate UK Adult Literacy and Numeracy

17 February 2014


Following last year’s survey by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee is scrutinising the standards of adult English and maths. Evidence suggests that England and Northern Ireland are falling behind many countries in terms of literacy and numeracy levels.

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Number of Apprenticeship Vacancies rise, but there are still twelve applications for each position.

10 February 2014


National Apprenticeship Service figures from the start of the academic year show that there are, on average, twelve applicants for every apprenticeship advertised in the UK. Despite a 24% rise in openings for the same period the previous year, apprenticeship vacancies are still massively oversubscribed.

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